Thursday 12 July 2018

Hearts Hugs

It's funny I had finished my MFT Summer Classes but I didn't feel satisfied I had shown I under stood

So i decided to do one more card. Bugger dinner, it could wait. I had a red piece of alcohol ink scrap. I needed one with yellows and gold so I fiddled around with this and that, I have been playing around and set up a station (photos later my sweet friends - yes I am taking over the house). So I used the heart die that first cuts those fine lines into the card base so I had to measure and tape to hold in place so it was straight on the card.

Then I cut out my heart which are on a seperate die and have those little cut lines through them so they look like they are sewn on. I held the original piece that I die cut from over the lines as a guide to help keep everything straight and lined up then I did the colours to show I understand the idea.

I then decided it was very CAS but I wanted more so I added a pre- cut god mirror card frame on double sided foam tape and then the Hugs. The Hearts and the Hugs sentiment are from MFT not sure about the frame die.

Time to enter this..

Now to tell you a blonde moment. I read somewhere it as a good idea to use copy paper with alcohol ink pieces when die cutting to protect the dies and stop them clogging up with pieces of alcohol ink that get on other pieces. So Aileen cuts her first layer of yellow hearts and they all come out white    
 ( bugger thinks Aileen, the ink has come off on the copy paper as it hasn't sat long enough and cuts another set, same problem, ...........oooohhh yes the penny drops use pointy object to remove copy paper and there is nice yellow alcohol heart) . I can say blonde moments as I was born a true white hair and it has lasted then slowly darkened over the years but I have many many moments of mmmmm..... and my name in the deaf community is actually 'blonde' because so much goes over the top of my head. I had a friend who got very offended for me but I laughed cause really it is me, I do miss a lot some because of my deafness but then some just because I'm me :)

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Aileen said...


My Paper Epiphany said...

Love the watercolour hearts! Btw, you have won a prize at stamp locations:)

Mel Gee said...

Thank you for entering our Challenge at Crafting With An Attitude
Mel DT

Ruth said...

I love your enthusiasm for this class and that you did extra homework. You get lots of brownie points! It's gorgeous!! And I had to laugh at your blonde moment.... it's the kind of thing I do and I'm a proper brunette - well more like 60% these days with all the gray!! xxx