Monday 15 February 2016

The World Can Be Amazing.

I haven't been up to much as I have had a couple of days of migraines. Went to the wedding on Saturday which was beautiful but it was extremely hot. The wedding was outside in a field and the sun was belting down, even though I was under a tree in the shade I still managed to get a bit burnt.
 I have that wonderful pale English skin and don't tan so I tend to avoid the sun.
 After the field we went into the converted farmstead and there was only air-conditioning near the bridal table so all around hand fans were whipping up a wind. 
I went outside for some cool air as the sun went down and the mossies went to town, dinning on my rich blood. Ahh yes the joys as the young ones danced and sang their way through the night I fanned my forever hot body, drank water till I thought I was going to turn into a dam and scratched away at my mossie bites (yes I know you aren't meant to scratch but there were so many it was driving me nuts. (Probably looked quite rude to anyone looking over at me as they were mainly on my legs lol)

Came home, hit the sack and 3am I woke to a full blown migraine(no I don't drink alcohol so it wasn't that). Sat up and rubbed my head for a couple of hours till the meds kicked in and sat around feeling grumpy and tired all day. Migraine kicked in again last night so nothing has been done that should have been. Feeling better now and hoping this is the last of this one as I babysit the two youngest grandkids tomorrow and its cupcake making day.

So I have done a very quick easy bit of colouring. All done with Zigs and only very small amount of water. This is another one of the Simon Says Pre Printed watercolour card fronts from the set I have been colouring.

This time I did a word in each colour. I totally agree with this sentiment, its so me, Slightly Strange or as my mother often says to me 'you really are special Aileen, always making people laugh. I don't think you will ever grow up!'. I think its a compliment ??

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Thanks for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.


Ruth said...

Oh gosh - so sorry to hear you had a migraine - heat?? I love these cards, they are so full of such great words and even greater to paint. Love he result with each word a different colour. Hope you're on the mend soon. Xx

TaeEun said...

Love your zig coloring and the sentiment! And I think it is a huge compliment what your mother says to you:). Hope you're feeling better now!