Tuesday 22 March 2016

Today is Down Syndrome Awareness Day and Elysha has been Featured.

Just a quick post, not card related.

Elysha as many of you know has Down syndrome and is Hearing Impaired. Elysha uses a combination of sign language (is fluent) voice and a program called Proloquo4Text. Her story has been featured over at AssistiveWare Website. For those of you interested please check it out:

AssistiveWare have made communication available for so many people and over the years I have worked for and enjoyed the company of the staff who are scattered all over the world. With the use of a voice output program used on iPhone, iPad or iPod people from all walks of life are able to tell others what they want, answer questions, make conversation and much much more.

Young Woman with communication device finds her voice - this particular story is about Elysha but there are many other stories there to tell you about Proloquo2Go and Prolouo4Text and how it works for them.
One of my favourite photos of Elysha dancing with her dad at my sons wedding.

My girls and the love they share.

Sophie helping with the icing


Elysha loves cooking (nearly as much as eating)

Hope you enjoy this little piece of our lives.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link. What a great achievement for Elysha.
Such great photos to - Sophie loves icing :) and a beautiful photo of Elysha dancing at the wedding with her Dad.

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your life. I see why you love the pic of Elisha and her dad, both look so perfectly happy.

lostinpaper said...

How wonderful that Elysha was featured, what an incredible woman (and she can bake too)!

Ruth said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I know the difference that assistive technology can make to people having worked with blind students. It's magical to see someone's life become more independent through it. I also like that she has a favourite voice. I had one that reminded me of Cary Grant and it was mine - although most of the students preferred others much to my disappointment!! I love that she knows her own mind. Thank you so much for sharing. Xx

Mac Mable said...

Popped across and read about your wonderful and inspirational daughter. You must be so very proud and loving the baking too x

Cara said...

I'd noticed your beautiful daughters in your picture but hadn't known that Elysha was hearing impaired. As an occupational therapist I know how amazing assistive technology can be in maximising independence and allowing the individual to shine. It's great that her story is being shared. You must be a very very proud Mum. Cara x

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Dear Aileen, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pictures of your beautiful daughters. Elysha is thriving with the love that surrounds her and the technology available now a days.
I love the picture of her in the kitchen, how proud she looks of this delicious cupcakes, the picture with her dad is priceless, the smile on both of them speaks volumes and the picture with her sister is also so sweet and so endearing.
Thank you for this glimpse at your family life, the love and strength that unites you is incredible.


TaeEun said...

The lovely stories around your family is always so heartwarming, Aileen! I've just read the post at AssistiveWare. You must be very proud of Elysha! The picture of Elysha with her dad is really beautiful!

Loll said...

Great story published about Elysha. Thanks for sharing Aileen, and sharing the wonderful photos of your family. xx

Kim Heggins said...

What a wonderful story about Elysha, so sweet. Thank you so much for letting us take a peek into your family life. I love your photos too, so sweet.

Barb Ghig said...

Congrats to Elysha on being featured, Aileen! How wonderful for her! And, thanks for sharing all of these beautiful (and fun) pics with us...she is such a sweetie!!!

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing! Elysha looks like a happy young women and she is lucky to have you as her mom!