Wednesday 7 October 2015

On-line Card Class - Copics - Day One

Ruth from 'Crafting While the Baby Naps' and I decided to do the Online copics Card Class together to make sure we completed it. I won the Class from The Daily Marker and Ruth purchased hers and we still hadn't gotten around to watching. This way we hope to learn together. Ruth's in England and I'm in Australia so our clocks are a bit wacky but we should get there.

If you have come here from Ruth's blog you will notice she has done a lot more than me and if you go to check out Ruth's blog you will see she has done a lot more than me and even made some wonderful cards.

After seeing Ruths inspiration I thought I should do some cards too but my hands basically packed it in after I did the balloons. I never got to the gifts and hope to do those tomorrow. I don't have any little ones keeping me on my toes either but I did have a few other things to do (including council spring clean  pick up organised for the next day so all had to go out today) and my hands packed it in.

I have osteoarthritis in both hands and usually the medication I take keeps it under control, so I can talk to Elysha(sign language), work (computer), drive long distances and of course most importantly crafting.

Enough about my hands, onto the class.
I printed up what I needed on copic friendly paper and instructions. Watched the four short videos then coloured. I found that after looking at the list of copics for the class (I had less than 20% of the suggested colours). I don't have a huge range but I have a nice range of colours I really like with some missing.

I buy the Ciao Copics in most instances and only buy the Sketch Copics if the colour I want is not available in the Ciao.
I have bought some that I really didn't need or that don't work so well with the colours I have, that was a learning process as in Australia there are very very few stores that carry Copics, usually very small range and quite expensive. Then even less carry the refills. I found early in the piece that I could not purchase from companies overseas (some we can now purchase from). I would go through the whole shopping process and get to check out to find I could not purchase.

I have found sells Copics at a reasonable price and the refills. I purchase the refills as I go, looking at the colours I like and use the most for first preference but there insetting worse than running out of colour and having no refill. Took me 6 months to get a refill for Yellow Acid.

So , back to the class, I had to do some thinking and playing and come up with my own colour combos and you will notice that all bar one are three colour so they can be done three or two.

I think you would say my colours are all bright ones the only soft one being the yellow at the bottom. I have written in the combinations I used and will keep this for future reference.

Its interesting doing the class, even though I already do lots of colouring. My colouring style is self taught, hit and miss and lots of ink so any information has to be an improvement. I like seeing the different ways of adding the colour to the graphic and love the idea of not worrying about going over the lines if I'm planning to cut it out.

So without further ado, I will add this to 

and if you would like to see the lovely cards Ruth made with her colouring go here

Thanks for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.


Ruth said...

Your colouring is amazing!!! I didn't realise you had OA so don't feel pressured into doing too much. I over did it a bit yesterday, so am having a rest day today - plus baby was up at 5am and I need a nap this lunchtime! I definitely think I'd like some more YG and BG colours - I like how they look on your balloons - so far I only have one of each!!! Am loving I had a buddy to do it with - even if we are miles apart :) xx

Vicki Dutcher said...

How fun you and Ruth are taking the class "together" since you are like neighbors...NOT -- I am loving your color trios - very bright - SO ME. :) I'm now following your blog - you do very awesome creations :)

Kim Heggins said...

Hope you learned lots! Can't wait to see what you do next.

Rushd Lady said...

I hopped in from Kathy Racoosin's challenge blog post to see what those pretty balloons were all about. I began a coloring chart ring for my dry colored pencils. My waterbased markers are drying up and since we are paying for a part business/anniversary vacation taken in May, I cannot afford a new marker set at this time. I've never have owned Copics. They are beyond my pocketbook. I have some wet colored pencils I'm going to try next. Have fun with your class!
Does dipping your hands in warm water help any before you do any crafting? I used to get an arthritis magazine and that was one of the suggestions in it.