Saturday 24 October 2015

Copic Online Class Day 3

Todays copics class was all about using grey to add shadow and use less layers of ink. Loved it.

Tried different colour combos and also some of my newer inks that arrived just in time. I am trying not to over buy but I do love copics and I am enjoying extending my light colour range. Feel I only need a few more to complete my collection of what I like using.

As you can see here I'm still along way off being there but felt I was getting better as I went.
Unlike Ruth I haven't put any of my images to use, and I'm not sure I will as I like having them there with my colour chart as I complete each section I can see what works, what doesn't and what could do with a slight change.

 I love looking at what Ruth has been doing with her colouring and her latest set of cards combined with the coffee mugs, some new stamp sets and some lovely die cutting and matching envelopes are truly worth a look. Go to Crafting While the Baby Naps

Its interesting seeing the difference of using the different greys. I only have three C1 C3 and C5 so I work with those. I am unsure the difference between C (cool??) and W (warm) but I am learning that it can really depend o the depth of the colour as to whether a darker version is needed. I used C1 on most but when I used C1 on a slightly darker colour it gave a funny like smokey layer and as soon as I changed to C3 it then looked like shadow.

Im looking forward to building on this skill and maybe not wasting as much ink as I tend to do as I try to even out my shadows.

Thanks for coming to have a look and hope you come again soon.

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Still three days behind with posting. Must catch up.

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Ruth said...

Your shading is awesome!!!! Love love love your blue and green mug. I need C3 as I could have done with a slightly darker colour in the Cs - like you I'm not too sure of the difference between W and C! Fab! Xx