Tuesday 12 June 2018

Motivation from Kathy's The Daily Marker30 Day Colouring Challenge

Every time Kathy has a Colouring Challenge I try to participate and most times I do colour every day. Some Challenges I have just coloured as I have not been home but down with mum and dad or babysitting and other times like now I am home most of the time so card making has been easier so I have coloured then made the colouring into a card.

This was one of those 10 minutes of colouring sessions and I love the yellow and green together. I was inspired to put these together after seeing a card on Instagram by @sharontraynordesigns who also has the blog address frommycraftdesk  and she had done a card with yellow and green butterflies and I really liked the two colours together.

This stamp must people would recognise as a Stamping Bella stamp and is a first time used and I just love it, its so sweet. So easy to colour, a redhead and a blonde, a light blue sky, a slight grey shadow.

A couple of sparkly dots up top and a heart dot to go with the sentiment as it matched their hands perfectly.

I also find that Kathy's Challenges bring out the craft room set ups in quite a few of us.
We all start looking at our pencils and copics and paints and checking our swatches, redoing, or making new ones, updating. Just in time for this colouring challenge Sandy Allnock has come out with a hex chart for  pencils (Luminance Polychromo and Prismacolor). Actually I don't know when she put them together but suddenly I am seeing all these people colouring theirs in as part of the colouring challenge. 

I have the COPIC one and I love it as its a great way to see what colours work well together. For those of you who have never heard of it, the idea is that Sandy has put the colours not in just colour order in a line as you see in a Copic list but a HEX chart six sided that shows the colours that work well together in blends. Its a fantastic way to see what to buy next to get a good mix in colours you like. I keep both charts fresh and up to-date, Sandy's Hex chart and the Copic list so I can look at both at a glance when colouring. Especially if I see an image I want to colour and they are suggesting a colour mix and it can save lots of looking for a colour that you don't actually have if you have your current Copic list up to-date.

I have made my own coloured pencil chart for my huge box of  pencils so will now get the HEX chart as it will give me some good mixes. I have also noticed that a lot of people have done half colour in very light shade and half in heavier, to give you an idea of he colour as richer - good idea. I did this on my box of pencils too as you always need to remember pencils are always about thin layers, building your layers.

Well enough layers now, so what have I been inspired to do, I decided to make an Alcohol ink Chart, I like easy access, visual, not put away.

I laminated an A3 sheet which is A4 or double Letter size so a good size. then I punched a pile of yupo ( 1 sheet A4 size label tag then dropped one drop of each ink on). Left them to dry. When dry I wrote on the back of each what they were then I cut up a pile of velcro dots, both sides in quarters, as they didnt need to be big or strong and I hate waste. I know they look really pitiful but hey those pieces of yupo are so light.
Anyway I then added dots seven along bit up and down as I am obsessive but not totally so my things never end up totally perfect (lol) and then I wrote very small their names. This way I can pull off, look at different mixes and ideas. Amazing to look and see that some colours automatically split no matter how much you shake you will always see two colours in the splatter, others change when drops of blending solution added (i flicked some on each). Some are so hard to compare to their name.
I will add some Copic refill colours for colours lacking and also plan to add some from another brand but have a very good mix here. Don't like the gold and silver that comes with this brand.

Then I decided to make swatches for my Distress Oxides. These are the Same as my Distress Ink ones. Big and easy to play with. I punch a hole in the white end on the corner and they all hang on a ring that I can undo and remove them from. I have done this with so many of my paints as its a great way to be able to see what colours look good together. Other than that brown there do you think I like brights???

After blending them all I flicked water and then blotted. Love these and my Distress Ink ones.

Last but certainly not least my granddaughter has caught the bug. She decided to draw the unicorn. I have taken a photo here of the two together.

But here you can see the unicorn in more detail. She did this on her own then showed me this morning. Look at that detail, the curls near the hoofs, the shadowing around the mouth, the mane getting longer as it goes down. Not bad for a five year old hey. Told her it was amazing and I would enter it in the Colouring Challenge.



A best friend is someone who........

A friend is some who.......

A friend is someone who......

A friend is someone who.....

Thank you for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.


Kathyk said...

Super make and I LOVE the bright summery colours you chose to colour too. Your granddaughter did a great job with her unicorn


lostinpaper said...

Your girls are so sweet, love the little love heart made with their hands! Love that sweet unicorn too, she is definitely artistic (must have got that from her Grandmother!

I Card Everyone said...

this could be my bestie and me! Well, moons ago, I guess... she's the blonde, that ALWAYS got the guy! lol - except the one for keeps: I married the best one!
Aileen, I adore this card, and your coloring - and can easily see where that darling granddaughter gets her talent! Is she this organized, too? xx

Ruth said...

How adorable is your grand daughter's colouring?? And I love that you've been getting into the colouring with swatches. I haven't swatched anything for ages. I have barely enough time to colour these days. I should probably swatch more as I do find I struggle with matching my colours. xx

Nonni said...

Such a cute card for our challenge! I love the image and your coloring looks great (love your shading!) and what a sweet sentiment.... And so true! Love all the white space. Thanks for joining us at Less Is More!

Neets B said...

What a fabulous friendship card, and such a true sentiment. Not seen this image before but I love it too.
Thanks so much for sharing with us at Less is More, Anita x